Yoshpe Group Penthouse Collection - Yoshpe Group

Residing in a penthouse is a synonym to living in an oasis of tranquility within the busy urban atmosphere. The panoramic view, expansive space, secluded privacy, and the enchanting allure crafted by the juxtaposition of serene interiors against the lively cityscape forge an unparalleled living experience.

Living on Top of the World

A penthouse isn’t just a part of a building; it’s a unique home. The open views and spaces act as a canvas where architects craft the essence of home life. For buyers, it’s more than a place to live—it’s an architectural dream. With protective walls, large windows framing stunning views of landscapes and sky, and interiors designed for personalized divisions, the penthouse offers a living experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Interior architect Esty Achimair, known for her eco-friendly philosophy and commitment to lasting furnishings, transformed this penthouse with a touch of pastel shades and an uplifting floral wallpaper. Embracing a green approach, Achimair seamlessly blended aesthetics with functionality. As part of her design, she suggested combining two rooms to craft a more expansive bedroom—a proposal met with enthusiastic approval from the homeowners. Reflecting on the collaboration with the Yoshpe Group’s tenant change department, Achimair commends their prompt and efficient assistance during key interventions, ensuring a smooth and positive process.

Interior Architecture: Esty Achimair

As stated by Orit Muhlbauer-Eyal, the architect behind the building’s design, the penthouse apartments hold paramount value in the seamless blend of balconies and the connection to the outdoors. This emphasis stems from the design’s intention to create retreats on the upper floor. In addition to these structural features, the penthouses boast indulgent luxury, including opulent specifications with fine materials, lavish fittings, and the incorporation of advanced systems like a smart home for an elevated living experience.

Architecture: Orit Muhlbauer-Eyal

Urban living is fast-paced overwhelming us with a constant stream of information. Our capacity to filter through this abundance is constrained, leaving us caught between internal and external pressures, torn between the desire to act and the yearning to halt the ceaseless barrage of stimuli. However, when you reside in a penthouse apartment, elevated above the city, the expansive view and surrounding space provide a serene haven, offering a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Architecture: Orit Muhlbauer-Eyal

Mozer Penthouse. Architecture Studio: Muhlbauer Architects

Apt.#21 - Balcony



In penthouse apartments, the seamless connection to the outdoors, expansive interiors, and the unrestricted freedom of the “floor above” provide architects with a platform for heightened creativity. This unique setting allows architects to explore inventive uses of space and integrate distinctive elements not typically found in standard apartments. Imagine lofty ceilings that contribute to a striking aesthetic, doors surpassing standard dimensions, and expansive openings framing picturesque landscapes. The balconies seamlessly extend the living space, becoming a vital part of the overall living experience. In the realm of penthouse design, creativity knows no bounds.

Architecture: Adar Seker



Architect Adar Seker offers insights into the unique space that a penthouses present: “Think of the penthouse as akin to a villa, offering the perfect blend of a central elevated location and the comforting feel of living in a ground-attached private home. It achieves an ideal harmony between apartment privacy and the vibrant energy of the city. My design philosophy strives to craft an experience that emerges from the intersection of contemporary architecture and a historic setting, bridging the gap between old and new. Here, we honor the past while drawing inspiration from the present landscape. Size isn’t the primary focus; rather, the emphasis is on what we can see. In this context, the eye is treated to a sense of infinite space.”

The expansive balconies offer ample space for imaginative and creative utilization. This allows for the creation of distinct living zones—such as a relaxation area, dining space, or a cozy corner—alongside possibilities like a fully equipped kitchen or even the cultivation of a decorative garden, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and more. The outcome is a unique experience that emulates the feeling of residing in a ground-attached private house, elevated in height, with the added bonus of panoramic views enveloping the outdoor space.

20 Smuts Blvd., Tel Aviv, Apt.#29, Architecture: Adar Seker

There are countless possibilities and examples of innovative design. Take, for instance, the penthouse envisioned by architect Yoav Tshuva in a Ha-Hashmonaim Street building, undergoing reconstruction. Here, Tshuva ingeniously enclosed the sun terrace with display cases, transforming it into a versatile space accessible year-round. The transparent glazing ensures an uninterrupted view, maintaining exposure to the panoramic view. In winter, the closure creates a seamless extension of the interior, while in summer, opening the showcases reverts the space to its balcony-like essence. Tshuva’s overarching planning concept aims to imbue apartment spaces with distinctive character, leaving an indelible mark on both appearance and ambiance. Larger areas that seamlessly blend interior and exterior elements offer increased flexibility for creative expression.