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Welcome to Yosephe Group, where our mission is to enhance your quality of life. We deeply believe in the influence of human values, positioning people at the core of our 'urban renewal' initiatives. As individuals who hold a strong appreciation for quality, relentlessly pursue excellence, and highly value service, we make your experience our top priority. Our management style is hands-on, with owners and company managers actively immersed in every project. We value our success in accordance with the contentment and trust of our tenants and clients. We stand by you at every stage, approaching each project with care and attention as if it were our own home. This firm commitment serves as the cornerstone of our success, shaping the DNA of our team and of our operations. Welcome to “Yosephe Group”- where your well-being is our focal point.

Yoshpe Group stands out as a unique boutique company, leading the way in urban renewal since the inception of the field in Israel. Specializing in the Gush Dan area and in other central cities in Israel. Our team brings profound experience and broad knowledge of the professionals working in the field, ensuring efficiency in complex bureaucratic and municipal planning processes. With a focused geographical approach and controlled activity periods, we commit to delivering quality service, meticulous attention to detail, and exemplary execution.

Meet our founders: Dan Granot, Moti and Etti Abu, and Sharon and Oren Yospha.

Sharon and Oren Yoshpa, our co-CEOs, bring over 20 years of hands-on experience in initiating, managing, and executing residential projects, living and breathing the field since their childhood. Dan Granot, our board chairman, is a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive experience in real estate, logistics, and investments. Moti Abu, owner of ‘SAHAR ATID Diamonds’ and recognized as an ‘Outstanding Exporter’ by the Ministry of Economics, brings valuable real estate entrepreneurship experience to projects in Israel and worldwide.

Crafting an Exceptional Living Experience

In 2021, Yoshpe Group gained a significant vote of confidence when the global investment fund, Community, led by top Israeli real estate investor Jeremy Blank, became a partner. This partnership, fueled by a combination of professional skills, diverse experience, and financial strength, aligns with the group’s commitment to prioritizing safety and security in every project. The company’s ability to deliver quality projects efficiently, reliably, and with top-notch service sets it apart in the industry, ensuring customer satisfaction.

With the Yoshpe Group, clients can trust they are in firm, reliable, professional, and caring hands.

Achieving Success Together